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Short Sale vs. Foreclosure



It is my goal to help homeowners sell their properties and avoid the possibility of an uncomfortable FORECLOSURE process. 


I am confident that I can assist you and your family with your current housing situation and I will do whatever it takes to help you avoid foreclosure and save your credit.


The following are benefits of Short Sale vs. Foreclosure:


  • You stay in control of the transaction
  • You avoid the social stigma of Foreclosure.
  • You may buy your next home within 18-24 months after short sale vs. 5 years or longer after foreclosure.
  • You maintain control your credit.  your credit may be damaged by 250-350 points with foreclosure and it is significantly less usually with a short sale.
  • You may qualify to get money for moving expenses $3,000 under HAFA program or other lender specific guidelines where the amount varies.
  • You’ll get a clean start for your family.
  • You spend $0 on commissions or closing costs.
  • You can stay in your home throughout the process, if you like.
  • I can assist you with finding suitable housing for after the sale.


My professional team includes a title company, escrow officer and administrative staff support.  Together, we have helped numerous people in situations similar to yours and would very much like to extend our services to
your family.


For a FREE no obligation, confidential consultation to determine if you are a candidate for a Short Sale program, please call me today at 858-566-2073 or email at Kristi@HouseProSanDiego.com.

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