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Continuing Education, Training and Designations
Kristi Gonzalez, Broker, REALTOR®, CRS, SRES, e-PRO, RRS, Notary Public

I have been a licensed real estate agent since 1998.   (Washington 1998-2000) (California   2000- to present)

California Real Estate Broker beginning in 2008

REALTOR®is federally registered collective membership mark which identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics.

A Certified HAFA Specialist.  Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program (HAFA).  A "Making Home Affordable" Initiative.

CRS is a Certified Residential Specialist and a member of the Council of Residential Specialists.  Currently, less than 4% of Real Estate Agents, Nationwide, hold this designation.  CRS is the symbol of excellence in residential real estate. Members have proven they have the experience, training and commitment to be among the best in their profession.

A SRES is Senior Residential Specialist and member of the Seniors Real Estate Specialist Council.  A SRES has completed additional training to assist seniors and their families with later-in-life real estate transactions.

e-PRO is a REALTOR® who has successfully completed the e-PRO training program for real estate professionals. Endorsed by the National Association of REALTORS®, the e-PRO course teaches professionals the nuts and bolts of working with real estate on-line: Web sites, e-mail, on-line tools, and most of all, what today's consumer really wants.

A RRS is a Recreation and Resort Sales Specialist and a member of the Worldwide Recreation & Resort Council.  I have completed a comprehensive course focused on the unique needs and practices of recreation and resort property sales and management.  

The following are the names of real estate courses that I have taken just since 2001:

Date              Course Name

10/17/2001     Mortgage Loan Brokering & Lending
01/08/2002     MLS Tempo Training- Basic
01/10/2002     MLS - Advanced Tempo
01/16/2002     Winforms 2000 Training
01/28/2002     Understanding the Residential Purchase Agreement
02/07/2002     REALTOR® NAR -    Ethics
07/22/2002     Untangling the Real Estate Web 
03/04/2003     Staying out of Court
12/12/2003     Tech Vantage
01/28/2004     Listing or Buying- Conquering Contracts
01/29/2004     Listing or Buying (day 2)   
01/30/2004     Understanding the Residential Purchase Agreement
10/20/2004     Understanding Credit Scores workshop
11/16/2004     Fall Forms Changes
02/03/2005     Probate
02/09/2005     Cracking the Code (Code Violations)
02/14/2005     CRS  (elective) Ninja Selling I
02/24/2005     Foreclosure
03/10/2005     VA Raises the Roof
03/24/2005     How to Invest in Real Estate....
04/14/2005     How to Analyze & Price Small Rental Properties
04/22/2005     Cash Help for First Time Home Buyers
04/28/2005     Agency
05/20/2005     RESPA, Referral, Rebates and Gifts
05/26/2005     CRS 201  Listing Strategies - day 1
05/27/2005     CRS 201 day 2
06/02/2005     Fair Housing
06/15/2005     Received e-PRO designation
06/29/2005     Condo Conversions Live
07/21/2005     Riverside Listing input training
08/04/2005     CRS 202- Buyer Strategies - day 1
08/05/2005     CRS 202- day 2
09/29/2005     CRS (elective)- Recreation and Resort properties - day 1
09/30/2005     CRS (elective)  day 2
10/10/2005     Trust Fund Handling
11/10/2005     CRS 210- Building an Exceptional Customer Service Referral Business - day 1
11/11/2005     CRS 210- day 2

                     Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) designation

01/26/2006      How to succeed in a real estate slowdown
02/11/2006      2006 New Real Estate Laws
03/10/2006      Defending Your File- the importance of documentation in real estate
03/29/2006      How to Stay Out of Court:
                          1.  The 8 most frequent issues raised in lawsuits
                          2.  The most vulnerable problem areas in every transaction
                          3.  How to deal effectively with repairs
                          4.  The 7 excuses that never work in court
                          5.  Specific ideas to reduce your risk
                          6.  How to protect your client and yourself
05/26/2006    Commissioned as a Notary Public and Loan Signing Agent
08/11/2006     Reducing Risks in a Short Sale
10/24/2006     Living Trust Seminar
11/10/2006     Fall Real Estate Forms Changes
 August - December 2007  Brian Buffini's 100 Days to Greatness Training Program
01/17/2008      California New-Law Review for Notaries
01/02/2008      Tempo 5 MLS training
03/26/2008       Real Estate Practice
04/13/2008       Legal Aspects of Real Estate
04/28/2008       Real Estate Appraisal
05/17/2008       Real Estate Economics
06/03/2008       Real Estate Finance
11/11/2008      A Broker's Platform for Success
11/19/2008      NAR Ethics
12/05/2008      Childhood Lead Poisoning- City of San Diego New Ordinance
12/08/2008      Short Sales
03/12/2009      Mortgage and Economy update
09/02/2009      Real Estate Finance Seminar

4/29/2010        HAFA Education and Certification

9/16/2010        Women's Council of Realtors-  2011 & Beyond- Planning

10/4/2010         Fannie Mae Agent Webinar

10/5/2010        Brian Buffini Success Seminar

10/14/2010      Women's Council of Realtors-  Powerful Women Panel

5/2/2010       CAR Legal Seminar-  Sales Disclsoures

5/6/2010         CAR- Your guide to the Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA-CA) and related forms.

8/3/2011         CAR Legal Seminar- Short Sale Deficiancies

8/24/2011       CAR Legal Seminar-  Purchase Agreement

11/7/2011       CAR Legal Seminar-  REO Transactions

12/5/11       CAR Legal Seminar- Contract Documents Update

1/10/12       CAR Legal Seminar-  2012 New Laws

2/6/12         CAR Legal Seminar- Wrongful Foreclosure Cases

3/6/12         CAR Legal Seminar-  Multiple Parties

4/2/12              CAR Legal Seminar-  Tenant Issues when selling property

4/30/12            CAR Legal Seminar-  New Standard Form Contract Changes

6/4/12              CAR Legal Seminar-   Short Sale update

7/2/12             CAR Legal Seminar-  Referrals

8/6/12              CAR Legal Seminar-  Cancellations and Backup buyers 

12/3/12      CAR Legal Seminar- New and Standard Form Contract Changes

3/29/13      Agency

5/2/13     CRS- webinar on Mobile Apps for Real Estate

5/6/13     CAR- Legal Update Seminar

5/7/13     CAR- Broker Mentoring Course

5/8/13     Residential Property Management (Course 1)

5/14/13   Residential Property Management (Course 2)

5/20/13   Brokerage Management

5/22/13   CAR- Ethical Violations- Recommendations for Reform

6/3/13    CAR- Webinar- Obtaining Listings

7/1/13     CAR - Legal Webinar- Buyer's Agents

10/2/13  Ethics

10/8/13  Fair Housing

10/9/13  Risk Management

10/18/13  Trust Funds

10/19/13  HUD Homes

10/20/13  Title and Escrow

10/21/13  Real Estate Technology

11/2013 Legal Live- Repair Issues

12/2013 Legal Live- Standard Forms Update

2/2014 Legal Live- New Laws for 2014

4/2014  Legal Live- Disclosures Now and Then

5/2014  SRES Certification - Multiple Certifying Courses Completed

6/2014 Legal Live- Employee vs independent contractor laws & taxes

11/5/14  Legal Live-  New Laws for 2015

11/14/14  Legal Live- New Purchase Contract Review

3-3-15  Legal Live- New Case Law Update

4-7-15  Code of Ethics:  Common Violations and Discipline

7-5-16 New and Revised June 2016 Forms 

8-9-16  RPA misconceptions and Corrections Part 1

9-6-16- RPA misconceptions and Corrections Part 2

12-9-16  New Laws for 2017,  New and Revised December 2016 Forms, 5 Mistakes Realtors Make


If you are considering hiring a real estate agent, make sure you ask them how much training they have completed.  It takes more than passing a real estate exam to keep current on the latest issues in real estate.  The more education an agent has, the better for the YOU.

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